• Interested to work with us as a PhD student or postdoc?  contact Emmanuelle Javaux or Michael Gillon to discuss possibilities of funding (yearly deadlines in January and august) by the FRS-FNRS.
  • ULIEGE POSTDOC IN (yearly deadlines in March): details here, deadline March 19th 2021
  • 2021:  BRAIN PORTAL "PhOtotrophy on Rocky habiTAble pLanets" Project : There are currently postdoctoral and PhD positions open, in the EXOTIC lab (contact Michael Gillonand in the Genetic and Physiology of microalgae lab  (contact Pierre Cardol ) and Early Life lab (contact Emmanuelle Javaux) and see description here 
  • 2021: FRS-FNRS PDR "Life in archean coastal waters" and ICDP BASE 'Barberton Archean Surface Environments" projects: there is currently one postdoctoral position open in the Early Life lab (contact Emmanuelle Javaux and see description

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