UR ASTROBIOLOGY includes two research teams and laboratories, Exotic and Early Life, and collaborates with a large network of national and international researchers.


he EXOTIC team (EXOplanets in Transit: Identification and Characterization), led by Michaël Gillon, axes its research on the detction and study of transiting exoplanets (passing in front of their star once during each orbit)

The Early Life Traces & Evolution-Astrobiology  team, led by Emmanuelle Javaux, focus its research on biosphere evolution on the early Earth, from the first traces of life to the origin and diversification of complex life, from more than 3.4 to 0.5 billion years ago, and on biosignatures for the search of life beyond Earth. 



EU FP7-ERC Starting Grant

SPECULOOS: search for habitable planets suitable for biosignature detection around the nearest ultra-cold stars.

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